November 8, 2016

How Will CIPP Installation Affect Your Business?

CIPP installation can make all the difference for your business. Some business owners are wary of upgrading their pipes to CIPP because they’re not sure how the installation will affect their business. CIPP installation is quick, simple, and sets you up for a lifetime of use with your relined pipes.

Pipes cannot be used while curing

The major impact on your business comes during the CIPP installation. Best practices require that the pipes be out of service until the pipe liner has hardened. When water or sewage runs over soft CIPP, it can warp the pipes, and drag chemicals into the flow. Once the pipes are dry this chemical leakage stops entirely. For these reasons, your business cannot use the pipes while they’re curing. Typical CIPP installation takes a day. The curing process itself takes anywhere from four to twelve hours on average. Additionally, the preparation and cleanup have to occur.

Businesses that run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week will have to close specifically to install CIPP. Businesses that take days of the week off may be able to arrange things with their CIPP installation company to get it sorted out while they’d normally be closed. In the right circumstances, you could leave the office on Friday with a plumbing problem, and return Monday to a fully cured, functioning line within the pipes.

Proper maintenance is important

CIPP installation will affect who your business can hire to do your plumbing. While CIPP permanently cures many common plumbing problems such as intrusive roots, it can’t solve all your problems. It’s entirely possible that your pipe will clog one day. In that event, you’ll have to get a plumber who can handle CIPP piping. Many common plumbing tools could scratch or flake your hardened resin piping.

No need to remodel

CIPP installation can have positive effects on your business. You can avoid having to remodel your business after a traditional pipe repair. CIPP installation means no trenches! While a huge trench on your property may be a welcome excuse to re-do your building more attractively, most businesses don’t find the expense to be worth it. Stick with your current look and get CIPP.

Low overall costs

Building maintenance is part of every business’s budget. Plumbing troubles are often unexpected issues. You can tap out your emergency funds with just a few out of pocket repairs. CIPP installation is a great answer to unexpected pipe replacement. You don’t have to pay a high price for labor-intensive trench digging or restoration services to cover the unsightly blemish. Instead, you get new pipes with less labor costs. Additionally, cured in place pipes have a life-expectancy of 50 years, minimal. That’s a long time to not have to worry about regular pipe repairs.

CIPP installation will shut your business down for at least a day, provided that you need your pipes to remain open. On the other hand, CIPP is quicker than traditional pipe repair. You could save your business money in the long run, and all without having to repair the damage digging a trench would cause.