Trenchless Digging in Dallas

Trenchless digging or pipe repair provides a broad range of benefits.  If you have ever had your yard or business parking lot torn up by machinery digging to get to a pipe, you are aware of the mess and costly repairs this leaves behind.  With trenchless technology, repairing pipes using CIPP saves time, money, and headaches.

Some of the key advantages to trenchless pipe repair are:



Using CIPP, liners physically cure inside of pipes forming a solid pipe that will last for decades to come.  With this method, repairs can be completed in mere hours.  When pipe repairs are performed by traditional digging methods, it takes several days of hard labor, time to repair the pipe, and time and money to replace the property damage. CIPP makes the trenchless digging well worth the investment.


Local business, roads, highways, and walkways are able to remain open as there is not any large equipment and a crew of people shutting down or blocking access.  Trenchless pipe repair minimizes disturbances.

Less expensive

With trenchless pipe repair, a whole crew is not needed to spend days digging a trench; therefore, less labor means less expense for pipe repair.  The reduction of time and labor spent on the job equates to much less costs vs. digging trenches.


Businesses that have sewer lines running right under them can be quickly ruined by digging equipment.  Trenchless pipe repair can save thousands of dollars in landscaping and repairs.  Usually only requiring one or two small holes to reach the pipe(s), which can often be from existing openings, trenchless technology greatly diminishes damage to your landscape or property.


Trenchless technology eliminates the threat of asbestos, mold exposure, and exposure to all other potentially harmful natural elements.  Therefore, you and your family or employees as well as the technicians performing the pipe repair are safe.


Trenchless pipe repair to perform CIPP repairs and replacements uses seamless technology that can actually improve a sewer system’s function.  Pipe liners and new piping using trenchless technology can actually increase flow capacity.  Additionally, the repairs performed using trenchless pipe repair last longer than traditional pipe repair methods.


One of the biggest advantages of trenchless CIPP repair is its compatibility with any type of pipe and the broad range of pipe damage it can repair.  Using trenchless technology, CIPP can rehabilitate any kind of pipe damage including age deterioration, cracking or fracturing, corrosion, root or plant intrusion, and faulty installation damage.


With trenchless technology, you can repair or replace your pipes efficiently, safely, and environmentally friendly.  Trenchless pipe repair using CIPP for pipe rehabilitation offers a safer, greener, more economical alternative to traditional repairing methods and it lasts for a minimum of 50 years.

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