Why Local CIPP

Using a local CIPP company offers many advantages.  Local CIPP technicians are familiar with your unique pipe system as well as the environment and pipe repairs are completed with these things in mind.  Furthermore, local technicians understand how your community’s water lines and municipal pipe systems work.  Therefore, they can recommend the most effective resolution to each individual situation.


The Legal Advantage

Local CIPP technicians are familiar with government and municipal laws, regulations, restrictions, and codes.  Hiring a company that is not local can result in wasted time and money.  First, the non-local company must educate themselves on the laws, regulations, and codes.  Secondly, your pipe repair is delayed while this is performed possibly leaving you without water usage.  Third, if permits are required, a local CIPP company is aware and will obtain one prior to pipe repair.

The Savings Advantage

Hiring a CIPP company who has to travel across the country to repair your pipe only results in wasted time and money.  Not only will you pay for CIPP, but also any expenses incurred by the out-of-state company such as mileage expenses, hotel expenses, and meals.  A local team of technicians go home each night and sleep on their own dime.  Additionally, if a team needs to return in one year to inspect your CIPP repair, you most definitely do not want to incur those expenses again.

The Who-You-Know Advantage

Local CIPP crews know local people.  Sometimes, it is necessary to call in additional teams for work to be completed.  Hiring a local CIPP company familiar with other local companies saves time and money.  Through our local relationships, we get the job completed efficiently and effectively.   With a local CIPP company, repairs can be completed in a matter of hours. This means less overhead costs for you, and minimized hard labor for pipe specialists.

The Time Advantage

A local CIPP company can have your pipe repaired in mere hours.  Hiring a non-local company wastes precious time.  Arrangements have to be made for travel, hotel accommodations, materials to be transported in, etc.  By hiring locally, everything needed to repair your pipe is right here in Dallas.

The We Know Texas Advantage

From the communities to the people to the language – a local company knows Texas.  You don’t want a Yankee who pronounces water “wattah,” repairing your pipe, do you?  In Texas, we know what “fixin’ to,” “howdy y’all,” and “bigger’n Dallas” means.  Communication is important in everything we do.  If you choose not to hire locally, well bless your heart.

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