January 3, 2017

Why Texas Business Owners Should Consider CIPP

As a Texas business owner, now is the time to take advantage of CIPP. Our local experts can quickly assess your pipes and provide a plan for a speedy transition. Additionally, CIPP pipes are strong enough to stand up to the extreme weather of Texas summers and winters. Consider CIPP to replace your whole pipe system, or choose to reline one segment at a time.

Growing expertise in Texas

CIPP is gaining ground all over the United States. However, not every area of the country is well served by experienced CIPP contractors. Texas, and specifically the Dallas area, has access to highly experienced CIPP technicians. This isn’t the first pipe they’ve installed, and that experience means a wealth of improvements for your business.

Working with a local business is always better. When you hire a local Texas company, you know that you’re getting the work ethic that sets the state apart. Texas businesses that hire local, sell local; becoming part of the community is always a great investment. Reaching out to an established CIPP company will fix up your pipes and could add to your reputation.

Strong pipes can withstand the weather

Texas has a reputation for being hot and dry. While this is often true, there’s a lot more to the weather patterns than that. Pipes have to be tough in order to survive the variety of Texas weather. All it takes is one hard rainstorm to form a flash flood and your pipes will have something entirely different to contend with. CIPP is perfect for handling these sudden flood situations. The hard resin that CIPP is made of is smooth along the inside, which helps to speed the flow of water through the pipes.

Those hot, dry summers lead to desperate plants. Traditional pipes in Texas have a lot of problems with intrusive roots. Trees and bushes are desperate for water. Their strong roots burrow into the seams in traditional pipelines. The roots then cause leaks and spills. Water can drip out and air can bubble in. CIPP is made in long segments. There are fewer seams, if any. It depends on whether or not you had to connect any laterals onto your CIPP pipe. This results in fewer opportunities for desperate tree roots to intrude.

Replace your system in stages

CIPP is perfect for opportunistic replacement. Traditional pipes are very labor intensive to install and repair. It doesn’t make sense to dig a trench and then only replace one or two pipes. You’ll just have to re-dig the trench at a later date. On the other hand, CIPP is easy to do in segments. This is a lot easier on the typical business’s wallet. You can take care of the most pressing repairs today, and make plans to replace more as time and your budget allow.

CIPP is perfect for Texas. The pipes are strong enough to withstand the elements–and the roots! Local CIPP contractors can take your CIPP experience over the top. If you’re in a bind and need to replace one pipe without redoing the whole system, CIPP can help.