May 31, 2017

Why CIPP Makes a Perfect Summer Project

CIPP is a perfect summer project. It adds value to a property by replacing old plumbing systems entirely. It’s a quick project that can easily be completed during the summer heat. Summer is also the season that is most suited to CIPP repairs. The ground is very solid and drains and gutters are under less pressure during the summer months. All of this together makes CIPP the perfect summer project.


The ground is most solid in summer


Cured in place piping is a form of trenchless pipe repair, but it does require access points. During the winter, the ground is more likely to be soupy or muddy. Placing the small access points that CIPP requires is more of a chore. There’s also a greater chance that something will go wrong when the ground is soft. CIPP is much gentler on soil than other methods of trenchless pipe repair, such as pipe bursting, but soft ground could still be moderately disrupted by the work going on in your pipes. Taking care of the problems in summer sidesteps this issue.


CIPP is a quick project


Cured in place pipe are quick to lay. The entire installation process typically takes two days or less. Before installation, all your CIPP installation team will need is a few inspections. First, they’ll have to assess the pipe to make sure that it’s a good candidate for CIPP and give you an estimate. Then, it has to be cleaned and repared for installation. The access points to the pipe are dug, and the installation begins. Once the lining is in place, the resin is hardened into a strong plastic pipe. The last step is to cut the lateral connections and integrate your new CIPP back into the system. Knocking this short project out over the summer is a great way to improve your property.


Drains are less in use in summer


Lining your pipes during the summer makes sense because it’s typically the time of least stress. During winter, your drains and gutters will have to work overtime in order to keep up with the flow of water and detritus. You don’t want to close down any of your pipes during the time of highest demand. In the summer, drains and sewers tend to carry lighter loads. You’ll have more long weekends and other opportunities to complete repairs when the pipes are in light demand.

When the storms of winter do arrive, your CIPP repairs will be long-established and ready to handle anything that nature throws at them. If there are any flaws in your pipes, you’ll have ample time to find and correct them before the storms hit. Completing CIPP repairs in summer also lowers the odds that your repairs will be rained out.


CIPP is a great project for summer. Drains and gutters are under much less stress. You can close them down and repair them with less pressure on your other pipes. Additionally, the ground is more solid and better able to support your efforts. Summer is great for CIPP.