February 2, 2019

Video Cameras Can Help to Save the Day for Your Old Pipes

We all know piping and plumbing problems can be costly and time-consuming for your business. In the past, just trying to find out what and where the problem was often the longest part of the process. But today there are much more efficient ways to go about diagnosing and fixing issues with your commercial pipes. One of the best and most advanced ways to diagnose a piping issue is through video camera pipe inspections.

How Do Video Camera Pipe Inspections Work?

A plumber used to have to dig up your walls and landscaping in order to find the source of a problem back in the day. But now, plumbers are able to put a small camera into your pipe and navigate through it. All the while, the camera feeds live video back to the plumbing expert. The advanced technology used for the video cameras allows experts to see major and minor damages. This cuts down on the time and labor it takes to locate a plumbing issue and also saves the customer money.

Once the camera locates the source of your commercial piping issue, it is much easier to solve the problem. The knowledge of the location allows an expert to go right to the source and fix the leak, crack, wear and tear, etc.

When to Use Video Camera Pipe Inspections

Using a video camera to locate problems in your commercial piping is much faster than traditional methods. That being said, a great time to use this process is when you have a plumbing emergency. If something is noticeably wrong, you want to be able to find the source of the problem as fast as possible. And the fastest way is by using video cameras to avoid the time it takes to dig up the pipes. When you are having an emergency, speed can be a huge time and money saver.

Additionally, video camera pipe inspections are a great option for routine maintenance checks on your commercial pipes. Not only are they much faster than traditional methods, but they require less time and labor.

Who to Call

Using this method makes the routine checking of your pipes faster and less invasive. On top of that, the video camera is able to detect several types of problems, both minor and major. This means that sending a camera in for routine check-ups might save you a lot of time and money down the road! Contact Dallas CIPP to schedule your inspection today!