April 15, 2019

What’s CIPP? We’re Glad You Asked

A burst or leaking pipe can be a commercial building owner’s nightmare. Sewer and waterline breaks can cause significant water damage that’s costly to repair. It can shutter a business or residence until things are restored back to normal. When people encounter broken pipes, they envision construction crews on site for months, breaking up concrete and tearing up lawns in order to get to the problem. However, with cured-in-place pipe, or CIPP, all that may not be necessary. You may find yourself asking, “Well, what’s CIPP?” CIPP is a trenchless, no-dig pipe repair process that uses state of the art methods to repair pipes where they lay. Let’s take a look at CIPP and its benefits.

CIPP Process

As mentioned, CIPP is a no-dig technology that involves lining broken or decaying pipes with a liquid resin. First, pipe repair technicians scope the pipes with a camera and beacon to see the extent of the damage. The beacon also tells them the exact location of the needed repairs. Then, liquid resin is inserted into the original pipe. When it’s inside, it solidifies and forms a brand-new pipe inside of the old pipe. The process requires no new digging and allows homes and businesses to get back to normal life.

CIPP Is the Cost-Effective Solution

A lot of people who wonder, “What’s CIPP?” will be excited to hear that it’s almost always a more affordable solution to pipe repair than traditional excavation and replacement. It’s great because it works in practically every kind of pipe, even those with a lot of bends or unusual shapes. There are no more exorbitant repair costs or lost sales or employee hours due to business disruptions. CIPP is the logical go-to solution for most pipe leaks or breaks.

A capable CIPP service company can help you tackle nearly any type of pipe damage. Acting quickly when pipe issues arise is key to limiting the amount of water damage done to your building. When water pipes or sewers leak, they represent a real hazard to a building’s structure, and can even be a health hazard to those in the area. Dallas CIPP has been serving the greater Dallas community with CIPP repair for years, and our skilled team of technicians can handle any job, large or small. If you’ve got concerns about the condition of your pipes, contact us to see how we can help.