June 19, 2019

When You Should Consider Relining Existing Pipes

Advances in pipe maintenance and repair have made things much easier for businesses. Costs are down and timelines are shorter. Pipe repair jobs no longer require significant digs and weeks of disruption. These days, no-dig pipe repair technology means companies can reline pipes without having to replace them. Problems like leaks or cracks can be addressed from above ground without tearing everything up. There are, however, considerations involved in relining existing pipes. It’s not always an easy choice to go with no-dig repair. Here are some things to consider when thinking about relining pipes.

The Age of the Pipes

Age of the pipes is one of the top factors in whether relining them is appropriate. Most pipes have a lifespan of decades. If you’re on the tail end of that expected lifespan, then replacement may be a better option. Thankfully, pipe repair companies have the ability to perform inspections on pipe systems to see what condition they’re in. They can use video technology to look for signs of deterioration. They can view the pipes from above ground to make sure they’re working well. If the problems are isolated, then relining is a great choice to save on costs and work time. However, if the inspection discovers greater signs of weakness in the system, then more may need to be done to solve the problem.

Cost Considerations of Relining Pipes

One thing to remember is not everyone wants to own a home or commercial building forever. Ownership timelines should be a big factor in whether someone decides to replace or reline. Relining pipes is a much more cost-effective way to fix isolated problems. Replacing entire pipes takes time, often means you’ll be without water or power at some point, and costs a lot of money. If you’re unsure about how long you plan on owning the property, then relining is a great choice to deal with problems in pipe systems.

Relining pipes saves companies and homeowners money and fixes problems by using pinpoint technology. There is no increased risk of future corrosion, and the process is relatively environmentally friendly. Dallas CIPP is one of the leading no-dig pipe repair companies in Texas. Our team of technicians can assess the condition of your pipes and recommend the best course of action to take. Contact someone from our team today to hear how we can help.