June 9, 2020

Why to Upgrade Commercial Pipes Through CIPP Repairs

Image by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Commercial plumbing systems are incredibly complicated to build, manage, and repair. They can be further complicated by the unique structure of the commercial property. When it comes to any kind of piping, it’s important to understand one key concept: every pipe will eventually fail. If possible, replacing old pipes with newer, stronger pipes is the way to go. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at the top reasons to upgrade your current pipes through commercial CIPP repairs.

Commercial CIPP Reason #1: It Strengthens Pipes

The first thing to know about CIPP is that it isn’t a replacement process – it’s a repair process. In commercial CIPP, a certified plumber will identify damaged sections of pipe and fix them in place. This method involves inserting a liner into the existing pipe. The liner is then bonded to the pipe with resins and cured. Once cured, the strengthened pipe is guaranteed for fifty years or more! This is all done without digging up your property.

Commercial CIPP Reason #2: It Requires No Digging

A second thing to know about CIPP is that it is the no-dig solution. This is a huge game-changer for commercial property owners because it also means a cleaner repair job is possible. This is because the plumbing professional is doing all the work inside the pipe itself. While a traditional pipe repair might be quick, the digging before and the filling in afterward can cause delays. If there’s another benefit of no digging, it’s the time saved and potential injuries avoided.

Commercial CIPP Reason #3: It Saves Lives

The third thing to know about CIPP is that it saves lives. This is because newer CIPP techniques have added safeguards for customers, plumbing professionals, and your employees. Since CIPP is a no-dig solution, there are no holes and no damaged structures around your property.

One of the newest methods of CIPP is LED CIPP. In LED CIPP, the longest part of the process is reduced. In traditional CIPP, the curing process can be done with steam, water, or ambient air. With LED, the pipework can be cured at a rate of 7 meters in 7 minutes. Additionally, the work can be done with robots. Automation makes CIPP even easier!

Dallas CIPP: Commercial CIPP Made Easy!

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