June 20, 2022

DALLAS CIPP – Sewer Pipe Inspections for Corporate Buildings

Sewer pipe inspections are a necessary part of maintaining corporate properties. Repairing pipelines with the right methods will keep your business on a path to success. Cured-in-place pipe repair (CIPP) is a technique that allows contractors to repair damaged pipes without having to disturb the environment. When you are in a position of leadership for your company, a less chaotic service can lead to commercial growth because funds and time can be diverted elsewhere.

By using CIPP, for example, existing pipelines can be maintained while replacements or repairs are made. CIPP repair is called “trenchless” because it has the advantage of making underground systems more accessible and less expensive. Business owners can avoid future issues by establishing a working relationship with CIPP contractors. Dallas CIPP is a locally-owned establishment, so you are just one phone call away when problems arise. Searching for a contractor will take time and energy. Our team will make it easy for you.

What’s the Damage?

In order to repair the damage, it is important to understand the extent of it. Inspections with video cameras are the first step in the CIPP repair process since they allow us to get an accurate diagnosis. During the pipe repair service, your pipe repair specialist will snake a video camera through the pipe to determine the extent of the damage. By viewing the video footage, you will be able to see the problem clearly. Based on the sewer pipe inspection, we will offer you a response that is appropriate and will save you money.

CIPP repair will prevent additional leaks or damage from occurring. Your commercial property may have sewage pipelines, gas pipelines, or chemical pipelines on it. Due to the fact that these are trenchless repairs, the location will not make a huge difference in the options for rebuilding. It is likely that the contractor will be able to create access points in the original spot of the damaged pipe by curing resin and forming joint-less, tight-fitting replacement pipes in the original spot of the damaged pipe.

Time is on Your Side

While the CIPP procedure may be relatively new to the field of field, it will be quicker than the older procedures that were utilized in the past. It is usually possible for CIPP methods to allow completion of the majority of jobs in half a day. If that’s not speedy enough, your contractor can move the process along with hot air, steam, or LED lights. During this process, the CIPP liner will adhere itself to the host pipe, sealing away cracks and holes.

When the lining has dried, you can have your contractor perform a final check to ensure that everything is in order. CIPP repair gives you exactly what you want: a service that’s affordable, a professional who is aware of innovation, and a job that will last for a long time to come. If you get these kinds of results, it won’t be hard for you to agree to a cured-in-place pipe replacement job.

Start with an Inspection, End with Fully-Repaired Pipes

Proper repairs are essential to maintaining the value and longevity of a commercial property. CIPP work helps to keep internal workings in top condition for the long haul. Leaving leaks and clogs unattended can decrease your property value. The process of replacing a pipe is as simple as extracting the old one and installing a new one simultaneously.

Whenever needed, we adhere sections with slip-liners, which protect against nature and wear. CIPP works with a wide array of commercial, industrial, and municipal sewer systems in the Dallas area. We can extend the useful life of your pipe by up to ten years. Contact us today.