February 8, 2023

How to Clean and Maintain Commercial Drain Pipes

commercial drain pipes

Commercial drain pipes serve an essential function to the property. They carry water, sewage, and other chemicals to and from the premises, avoiding mold damage and biohazards. Hence, regular maintenance and repair are crucial to their function.

Pipe repair can be classified into two main categories: trench pipe repair and trenchless repair. Trench pipe repair is traditional, requiring the team to unearth the pipe to replace it. Luckily, commercial property owners can avoid that damage with cured-in-place pipe repair (CIPP).

Read on as we explore CIPP, how it works, and its benefits for commercial drain pipes.

What is CIPP?

Cured-in-place pipe repair is a modern technique that enables experts to repair damaged pipes without digging them out. It is the modern alternative for trench pipe repair, which is a method that is being replaced due to its damage aftermath.

CIPP requires specialists to infiltrate the damaged pipe with a flexible resin liner, inflate it with air or water pressure, and cure it in place. By now, they have reinforced the faulty line with a new one.

How Does CIPP Work?

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how experts perform CIPP on commercial drain pipes:

  • Cleaning: Before inspecting the line, experts clean it to prevent blockages from interfering with the process. They often push high-pressure water jets down the line to push clogs further down. Cleaning the site also helps experts pinpoint the fault’s exact location. 
  • Inspection: Now that the line is clean, experts peer into it to perform a standard video inspection. It helps them assess the damage and determine the most suitable route for a repair.
  • Access point: With knowledge from the assessment, the repair bores a small hole in the damaged line to reach and repair it. 
  • Insertion: Experts insert a flexible resin liner into the pipe through the access point. Then, they use water or air pressure to inflate against the pipe’s inner walls, creating a protective layer from within.
  • Curing: After the resin sets, experts use heat or UV light to cure it, hardening the line and forming a jointless, seamless pipe. 
  • Final inspection: Before concluding the procedure, experts must verify its success. So, they perform another video inspection and push high-pressure water through to test for cracks. If the operation is successful, the team seals the access point.

Benefits of CIPP to Commercial Drain Pipes

Commercial properties can enjoy CIPP advantages. It affords them a sustainable way to repair their drain pipes without breaking the bank. Here are some other benefits of CIPP for commercial drain pipes:

It is Fast

One reason why commercial properties choose CIPP is its short duration. Unlike trench pipe repair, the process doesn’t require much digging, meaning that experts can complete it much faster.

Pipeline specialists can complete CIPP in a matter of hours. In contrast, trench pipe repair can take several days or even weeks to complete.

It is Economical

Another benefit of commercial CIPP is cost-effectiveness. CIPP doesn’t require expensive digging and cleanup, making it a more economical option for commercial drain pipes. In addition, CIPP experts follow a small access point to reach the line, cutting back on digging costs for property owners.

Also, trench pipe repair leaves an aftermath of landscape and property damage in its wake. So, property owners must still pay to remediate the extensive damage and replacements.

It is Durable

CIPP is a durable pipe repair option because its primary material, epoxy, is extremely sturdy. In addition, it is resistant to root intrusion, wear, and corrosion, making it a long-lasting solution for commercial drain pipe problems.

Epoxy pipes can function optimally for up to fifty years, so property owners will experience fewer pipe issues.

It is Sustainable

CIPP is a sustainable approach to pipe restoration because experts can apply it repeatedly to faulty pipe systems. For instance, relined pipes can increase a pipe system’s lifespan by a century.

It is Versatile

Cured-in-place pipe repair (CIPP) is an excellent alternative for pipe repair because it is versatile. Experts can apply the procedure to pipes with different diameter sizes and materials, such as PVC, concrete, steel, plastic, and clay.

It is Environmentally Friendly

Epoxy resin is biodegradable because it is organic and plant-based. Also, the CIPP process generates less waste and carbon emissions, making it a green procedure.

Overall, CIPP is an efficient and minimally disruptive form of pipe repair. It is also a reliable way to remediate commercial drain pipes without causing more damage and costs.

If your commercial property is experiencing pipe issues, then we can help. At Dallas CIPP, we have an equipped team with the expertise to remediate faulty commercial drain pipes safely. In addition, we always perform a video inspection to assess the damage and determine a suitable fix. We’d love to hear from you!