October 21, 2016

Why Businesses Need CIPP

Quick turnaround time

Using CIPP for business pipes cuts the total repair time down dramatically from trenched pipe repair. If you have to close a location, you’re hemorrhaging sales and productivity. The sooner you can get your business back on track, the sooner you can begin to make up for lost time. The quick turnaround of CIPP stems from two major savings.

First of all, CIPP is light on extra labor. CIPP cuts down on repair preparation and finishing times. Trenched pipe repair requires effort before and after the actual repairs take place. Digging a trench is time consuming. When it comes to labor, time is money. Additionally, once the trench is dug, it has to be filled in when repairs are completed. For a deep pipe (eight feet or below) there’s a significant amount of effort that goes into digging out the pipes and then filling that in. If the trench disrupts other features of the property, those must be repaired as well.

CIPP not only requires less time to prepare and clean up after the repairs. Cured in place pipes can set in a matter of hours. The resin hardens into a fully formed pipe. After a brief inspection to ensure its quality, water or sewage can be allowed to flow through the pipe again immediately. The entire process represents a huge time savings over traditional pipe repair.

CIPP for business repairs solves the problem

The only thing worse than having to disrupt your business for a pipe repair is having to disrupt it multiple times. CIPP doesn’t patch your pipe or replace one section of it. CIPP lines as much of the pipe as you’d like. The strong, plastic resin pipe inside of your old pipe nips further problems in the bud. Pipes are installed as a set, usually. When one section of your pipe starts to crumble or leak, the rest of your pipe isn’t far behind. Using CIPP to replace the entire length lines or pipes minimizes the risk you’ll have to close again soon.

Presents a modern, forward thinking spin to business image

CIPP technology has been around long enough to be thoroughly tested. Its slow acceptance into commercial work, however, means that businesses who embrace it are viewed as modern. When replacing your pipes, you can capitalize on this image. Your business is thinking of the future, by taking care of mistakes or problems from the past with newer, scientifically proven technology. This spin can make even a slight disruption of service more palatable for employees and customers alike.

CIPP for businesses represents innovation, permanent solutions, and a timely response to a crisis. Avoid the hassle of trenched pipe repair and choose the solution that will stand the test of time. Using CIPP for business pipe repair just makes sense.