October 21, 2016

Four Reasons CIPP Has Great ROI

CIPP makes fantastic business sense. Per square foot, CIPP ROI beats out the ROI of traditional piping. You get more and you pay less when you choose the CIPP pipe repair process.

1. Short amount of down time

CIPP doesn’t take long to install. Typically, there are only three to four appointments. First, the estimate process. This may be one visit, or it may be split into two, depending on your needs and the conditions of your pipe. During this visit the CIPP contractor assesses the damage to your pipes. They ensure you’re a good candidate for CIPP. They provide an estimate for their services. Most times they also take down all the measurements for your pipes, but for extensive projects this may take a second visit.

The pipe installation process is quick. A resin-soaked tube is inserted down the entire length of the pipe. Hot air keeps it expanded and cures the resin. This curing process can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. Most pipes are on the shorter end of the spectrum, with large projects like highway culverts requiring longer curing times.

Once the pipe is cured, it’s inspected for quality. If necessary, joints are added to the pipe to connect it to others. The water or sewage flow is turned back on, and that’s it; your pipe has not only been repaired, but replaced with a cured in place pipe. Let the return on investment begin!

2. Lower collateral cost

The first ROI you’ll see is a quicker way to get back to business. This stems both from the speed of the CIPP process, but also from the low collateral damage of installation. There’s no trench to be filled in, and no large disruption of your landscaping. In addition, less demolition means less clean up. This lowers the amount of money that needs to be returned before you’re enjoying profit again.

3. Forty-year lifespan

Cured in place pipe has an average lifespan of forty years. As the pipe ages, you get more of your money back. While the pipe can still be clogged by poor user habits (say, flushing things down the toilet that don’t belong there), maintenance costs with CIPP are low. Over the years you can add up the unneeded repairs and emergency costs to your CIPP ROI calculations.

4. Eliminates many problems entirely

CIPP ROI not only rectifies the problem that lead to the need to replace your pipes, but other problems as well. CIPP stops intrusive roots and doesn’t rust or degrade the way that traditional pipes do. By lining the whole pipe, you prevent repeated repairs or dealing with a failing pipe section by section. CIPP nips future problems in the bud.

CIPP ROI comes mainly from preventing future pipe problems, coupled with a low cost per foot and little downtime. Your return on investment starts rolling in when you open your doors quickly, and keeps going through forty low maintenance years. CIPP ROI is a major reason to consider CIPP for your business.