October 21, 2016

Why Preemptive CIPP is a Great Business Investment

Preemptive CIPP is a great investment in your business’s location and future. Preemptive replacements happen when your pipes aren’t currently in an emergency state, but you’re trying to get ahead of the ball. While some business owners balk at spending money on property when it’s not absolutely necessary, preemptive CIPP works to prevent disasters for up to forty years.

Can be scheduled

Debacles rarely happen at a convenient time. One moment you’re rushing to fill a big order or racing towards an important deadline and the next you’re stopped in your tracks. Pipe problems don’t tend to be subtle. Emergency plumbing repair has to take top priority. Often the building simply can’t function until the problem is fixed. Whether you need to have service restored, drains cleared, or you’d like your pipes to stop backing up, you can’t simply wait for next week or next month to get to fixing it.

CIPP is a time-efficient way to line pipes. Cured in place pipes only take a day or so to set. The entire installation process can be done over a long weekend in many cases. You can schedule this to work with the ebb and flow of your business. Preemptive CIPP works with your schedule so that something worse doesn’t happen at the most inconvenient moment. Emergency, hurried repairs also cost more than a scheduled replacement. You’re saving time and money by preemptively replacing aging pipes.

Nips a variety of problems in the bud

If you’re looking at stacks of plumbing bills from a variety of sources, it may be time to make the switch to preemptive CIPP. As pipes age, problems will continuously crop up. Whether you’re having difficulty with intrusive roots or you’d like to stop leaking joints, CIPP can fix that issue. Instead of doing spot repairs on a disintegrating system, line pipes for a whole new experience.

Forty-year lifespan lasts and lasts

CIPP has a projected lifespan of at least forty years. This is a long time to go without repairs and common issues. By banking on a tough, long-lasting solution to upcoming or existing pipe problems you avoid having to pay for a great deal of issues as time goes by. CIPP is a solution that allows you to take care of your pipes and then not worry about their hardware again.

Obviously, CIPP still needs to be treated well. Clogs can still occur, and so on. Properly cleaning your drains is a must, even with cured in place pipes. If you’re performing the basics of maintenance and good practice with regards to your piping you can expect to avoid major pipe issues for the life of your pipe. What could you pay for in your business if you didn’t have to repair your pipes every few months?

Preemptive CIPP is a great investment for businesses. It frees up money that you would have spent on reoccurring pipe problems for at least forty years. CIPP can withstand many problems that plague traditional pipes. Plus, you can perform the switch before a major disaster strikes your business.