November 22, 2016

Three Reasons to Choose CIPP for Business Repair

Should you replace or rehabilitate your company’s pipes? When things go south in your business’s drains, it doesn’t matter if you’re an office building or a factory: things grind to a halt. You need to get things up and running as soon as you can. However, you can’t afford a temporary fix, or anything that eats too deeply into your company’s budget. That’s why you should choose CIPP. It has you covered on all three bases.

1. Fix it once and forget it

You should choose CIPP for your business because it permanently ends many pipe problems. Intrusive roots are a major problem for many pipe systems. CIPP will end intrusive roots. You could spend time and money getting the roots taken care of time and time again. On the other hand, reline your pipes with cured in place piping, and you’ll nip that problem in the bud for the foreseeable future.

CIPP has a life expectancy of thirty years or more. Every pipe may have problems at some point. There’s nothing that will prevent all plumbing troubles forever. If you exercise care in what gets put into your drains, however, CIPP can be expected to last a very long time. This ends the drain on your company’s repairs budget. By the time you need to replace your CIPP you should have plenty of money you’ve saved on repairs to help you do it.

2. Short installation process

CIPP installation can be accomplished in just a few days. There isn’t nearly as much system downtime as there is with traditional pipe repair. Instead of having to dig a huge trench, you simply have access points. Rather than having to take the time to fill in a trench after the process is over, your system is merely back online. This is perfect for businesses that can’t afford to close their buildings down for very long.

This also grants your business social capital. A noisy, messy, long installation process wears down the patience of your clients, neighbors, and even the general public who have to use this area. A quick and easy installation won’t run through all your goodwill with the community. Keep things quiet and clean and you might even get some extra street cred as a good neighbor and responsible business.

3. Cost effective

Several factors converge to make it good sense to choose CIPP. First, the fact that you don’t have to dig a trench. This saves you time (and time is money when you’re paying construction workers). You don’t have to pay wages on a dig crew. You also don’t have to close down your business for long, which saves you more money over traditional pipe repair. CIPP also removes the need to replace anything that a trench would have disrupted, like a concrete walkway or the wall of your building. Combine all of this with a thirty-year lifespan and you should choose CIPP—it’s a long-term investment.

Choose CIPP for your business. It’s cost effective, doesn’t take long to install, and once it’s in it’s in. You can solve your pipe problems with CIPP and move on with your business.