November 29, 2016

CIPP vs Trench Digging

CIPP vs trench digging repairs, is a pressing question for many people who need to replace their pipes. You don’t have the time to get it wrong when your business is closed due to plumbing troubles. In the event that your business is closed until you get things sorted out, here is how CIPP stacks up against trench repair.

CIPP: less time invested

The first thing you have to worry about is when your business will be back on its feet. CIPP is typically faster than trench repair. Cured in place pipes can cure in twelve hours or less, depending on the size of your pipe. If your pipe repair is a candidate for CIPP it will almost always be significantly faster to choose CIPP in a CIPP vs trench digging repair scenario.

Trench: fixes every problem

The one thing that trenched repair really has going for it is that it will fix every problem. Physically going into the ground and taking out the old pipe will end those problems. While the new pipe may suffer from the same problems as the old one (such as intrusive roots), it literally gets rid of the old pipe and its problems. Unfortunately, some pipes cannot be relined. The reason for this, is because of the damage caused to the pipe, or because the pipe material itself doesn’t cooperate with CIPP.

CIPP: longer life span

If you can install CIPP, you could nip future problems in the bud for thirty years or more. The various kinds of CIPP all boast a very long life in the ground. Some government reports show that CIPP pipes can be estimated as only halfway through their usable life as many as twenty-five years down the line. CIPP is a great way to solve a problem for a long time to come.

Trench: more noise

CIPP vs trench is clear on the subject of noise. It makes a great deal more noise and fuss to dig a trench than to run a hot air compressor. Trench digging makes a lot more noise. Your neighbors won’t like it. If you’re in close quarters with other buildings, it’s essential that you maintain a good public standing. Trench digging is unsightly and noisy. It won’t fare well with the public, or with your professional neighbors.

CIPP: gaining popularity

If you want to look to the cutting edge to see what your business should do, CIPP is the way to go. It’s gaining popularity every year. While trench replacement is not yet outdated, CIPP is far from a newcomer. This puts your business in the perfect position. You get the benefits of a thoroughly tested solution to your problems, but you still look like a forward thinking company.

The most important thing when your business is closed due to building troubles is to resolve them. CIPP vs trench comes out in favor of CIPP four times out of five. If CIPP is a possible solution to your pipe troubles, it will be the best one.