October 2, 2017

Which is Better? CIPP Material vs. Traditional Material for Dallas, Texas

Waiting to have pipeline repaired or replaced is a very dangerous game. Delaying repairs can often lead to more severe and potentially dangerous consequences like floods and sinkholes. Postponing or choosing an ineffective repair method can cause more harm than good. Choosing the right and best repair method is essential when it comes to fixing pipes in Dallas, Texas. When it comes to pipeline repair in a big city, there is no room for errors or delays. Here is which material is better for Dallas, Texas.

CIPP Material

CIPP is a trenchless pipeline repair method, which means that traditional pipeline materials can’t be used. CIPP repair uses a resin material that is cured inside the existing pipeline to create a new one. Resin is used in CIPP because it can impregnate the damaged pipeline and repair it without having to actually dig up and remove the pipeline itself. This prevents any unnecessary digging and extra labor to fix a pipeline.  Not having to dig holds some big advantages for cities like Dallas, Texas. Fixing pipes in Dallas shouldn’t mean a mess and with CIPP it doesn’t have to. Using resin as your pipe repair materials not only means that you don’t have to dig a trench, but you will also have functioning pipelines for approximately 50 years that won’t rust out on you. This can cause some big savings in both time and money.

Traditional Material

Traditional pipeline materials are typically metals such as steel and cast iron. Replacing pipeline with this material means that you have to dig a trench, remove the damage pipeline, replace the pipe, and fill in the trench. Besides causing unnecessary destruction, traditional pipeline material is also susceptible to rust and erosion which means that pipeline replacement will be a frequent occurrence. Having to dig up and replace you pipeline every couple of years is less than ideal for a big city such as Dallas. With so many people, having to dig up and replace a pipeline can cause some major backups and be a recipe for disaster.

Not everything has to be big in Texas. When it comes to pipeline repair, there is no need to have a big, messy construction site to dig up and replace damage pipelines. CIPP offers an alternative, trenchless pipe repair method. By choosing CIPP, you are choosing to save money, time, and hassle. No one in Dallas wants to deal with delays due to pipeline repair, which is why CIPP is the right choice for Texas.