September 25, 2017

Help Your Pipes Last Longer with CIPP Pipe Repair

Making sure that your pipes last a long time in between repairs is crucial when it comes to a big city like Dallas, Texas. Having to repair pipelines every few years can cause a lot of backup and delays in a big city. With CIPP or cured-in-place pipelining, there is no reason to have to frequently replace your pipelines. Here is how you can help your pipes last longer with CIPP pipe repair.

Durable Material

One of the reasons that CIPP lasts longer than traditional repair methods is because of the material that is used. CIPP uses a resin-like material instead of common pipeline materials such as steel. This resin material is not only more durable than traditional pipeline materials, it also won’t develop rust or show as much wear and tear. This means that by choosing CIPP in Dallas, Texas, there will be no need to replace your pipelines for over 50 years.

Leaves The Existing Pipeline

Unlike traditional pipeline repair methods, CIPP leaves the existing, damaged pipeline in place. This is because CIPP creates a new pipeline within the existing pipeline rather than extracting the damaged pipeline and replacing it with a new one. By not digging up and removing the existing pipeline, you are leaving the ground alone which can help your pipes last longer by preventing any unnecessary digging.

Seamless Repair

With CIPP, there are less joints and connections susceptible to damage. CIPP creates a new, seamless pipeline within the existing pipeline. Having a seamless repair job is crucial when it comes to making pipe repair last in Dallas. This is because your pipelines are less likely to quickly become damaged when you use a seamless repair method such as CIPP.

Pipe repair doesn’t have to be stressful in a big city like Dallas, Texas when there is CIPP. CIPP offers an efficient and long lasting pipe repair method that will leave Dallas pipelines running smoothly for decades. There is no need to repair pipelines every few years with CIPP. When it comes to pipe repair, make the smart choice and choose CIPP.