June 20, 2017

Improving Workplace Safety with CIPP

Cured-in-place piping, or CIPP, is a trenchless pipe repair technology. This form of pipe repair has the capability of restoring pipes ranging from 3” to 110” in diameter. This means that CIPP can be used for any company no matter their pipes’ diameter. CIPP reduces infiltration and leaks in pipeline systems without having to dig. Leaky pipes and traditional piping repair can cause major turmoil for your business. Here are some reasons why CIPP helps improve the safety of your workplace.

Reduces leaks

Leaky pipes can cause some major damage to your company’s property. Pipe leakage can cause major flooding and become dangerous if it is ignored. If the damage becomes severe enough, it can cause your business to come to a complete halt because of it not being a safe working environment. CIPP repairs leaks before they get out of control. CIPP fixes damages by using a resin-saturated felt tube made of polyester, fiberglass cloth, or any materials suitable for resin saturation and is inverted or pulled into the damaged pipe. The material is pressed firmly against the inner wall of the damaged pipeline via air pressure. Once it is placed, it’s then cured with an epoxy mixture that forms a thin, protective wall around the damaged pipeline. With the seal made on the interior of the pipe’s wall, the repair stays secure and last longer. Keeping leaks in check will help keep your workplace safe.

No Major Construction

Traditional pipe repair usually causes some make construction work on your property. CIPP causes minimal damage to your company’s property. All that’s needed to access the pipe is a manhole or another existing access point. This way your company isn’t disrupted by piles of dirt and massive holes. These holes can be dangerous to have on your company’s property and can pose as dangerous for your employees. Using CIPP can help make your workplace safer by not having to turn your company’s property upside down to access the pipes.

CIPP pipe repair technology helps to keep your workplace safe by reducing leaks and not causing major construction. Traditional pipe repair can leave your company’s property turned upside down. It cannot seal properly and cause even more damages and can create a dangerous work environment. Next time your pipes need to be repaired, check into CIPP.