August 2, 2017

Trenchless Pipe Relining and Customer Service

Trenchless pipe relining and repair has many benefits for the commercial business. Choosing this method for repair reflects positively on your customer service for a number of reasons. A good customer experience is important to any business and your business is no different. Dealing with the mess of traditional pipe repair and replacement could leave your customers with a negative experience and in turn taint their view of your business. Here are some ways that trenchless pipe relining gives a boost to your customer service and therefore your company’s reputation.

Shorter Installation

It takes less time to fill and cure existing pipe than it does to completely replace the piping altogether. People are always conscious of time investment and this is a way to show customers that their time is important. If your customers have to deal with the noise pollution and landscape damage from excavation for too long, it’s likely they will postpone coming to your business. Because trenchless pipeline relining utilizes the existing pipe, extensive digging and burying are a thing of the past. With trenchless pipe repair and relining, crews are able to expedite leak repairs and get your business up and running. Best of all it takes a fraction of the time it takes to traditionally repair pipes. Your customers will thank you for the positive experience.

No Collateral Structure Damage

With the process being trenchless, there is no longer a need to break down in order to build back up. The system of pouring and curing within the existing pipe means that floors, sidewalks, walls, and even green spaces are left undisturbed. This reduces the amount of disruption and upheaval throughout the process that often adds stress to your customers. It also completely avoids the pitfalls that come from a rebuilding project after the pipe is down.

Cost Effective

Because trenchless pipe relining is cost effective, the savings can positively impact your customers. Everything about this process is streamlined for cost and time benefits. The elimination of digging and rebuilding structures reduces labor which brings the costs down. The job takes less time, which also saves money. There is no expensive piping to purchase and transport to the location for installation. By saving money on pipe repair and relining, you can choose to invest that savings in other areas that draws more customers and provides them with a positive customer experience.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally conscious building methods are no longer optional. People want to know that the environment is being minimally impacted by man made structures and initiatives. In many places, laws are in place to protect green space and animals. With trenchless pipe relining, the repair is done inside the existing pipe which minimizes damage to the roots of surrounding trees and plants. The environment is left undisturbed and no habitats are encroached upon. Your environmentally conscious customers will thank you.

Flow Efficiency Increases

Once installed, trenchless pipe relining allows water to flow better. In fact, most people see dramatic increases in flow efficiency. Flow efficiency translates into satisfaction for customers. If your customers utilize the plumbing in any way, and notice that flow seems slow and almost clogged, it could leave them with a negative view of your business. With improved water flow, you are not only fixing any pipe damage or leaks, but even your clients will see firsthand the improvements from trenchless pipe relining. And the best proof of a good product is a customer’s first hand account of water movement improvements.

People still want a great product, but they also want something that is cost effective, quick and considerate of how they live and work. With trenchless pipe relining, customers can have it all. Gone are the days of ceaseless digging and surrounding areas in complete disarray over a pipe leak. Additionally, trenchless pipe relining fixes the entire system rather than handling a patch job with no confidence in the maintenance of the rest of the system.