August 22, 2017

CIPP in Texas: Technology is Expanding Across the State

CIPP or cured-in-place piping has become an increasingly popular option when it comes to pipeline repair across the entire United States, but particularly in Texas. Texas is the biggest states and has large cities like Houston and Dallas. These cities are packed full of people and buildings which can make pipe repair a daunting task for business owners. This is why CIPP in Texas is a common occurrence. CIPP eliminates the need for destructive pipe replacement, is a quicker process and lasts longer than traditional pipeline repair methods. Here is are some benefits of using CIPP in Texas.

Eliminates the need for destructive repair

Repairing pipelines should not leave your business in a worse looking condition than before. With traditional repair methods, it’s not hard to pick out who is getting their pipes repaired. These traditional repair methods often have to dig unruly trenches or open up walls in order to access and replace damaged pipes. This can leave your business looking like a complete mess and seem like an uninviting place while under repair. CIPP eliminates the need for this sort of destruction. It’s not nearly as obvious when businesses are getting CIPP done to their pipelines. This is because there is no need to dig trenches or open up your buildings walls. Your pipeline can be accessed through manholes or other service entrances and repaired from there. This is especially beneficial when it comes to CIPP in Texas. Having the flow of your business disrupted in a major city can do some harm. By not causing any destruction or disruption, CIPP repairs pipelines without disturbing your business in the slightest bit.

CIPP is an overall quicker process

Pipeline repair should not take days or weeks to complete. CIPP uses a resin like material that is impregnated into the damaged pipeline and cured in place in order to create a new pipe.  This new pipe can be done in around 4 to 12 hours depending on how large the damaged area was that needed to be fixed. This process is much quicker than traditional pipe repair methods that require the whole pipeline to be exposed, replaced, and then covered back up.

CIPP lasts longer than traditional pipeline repair

Having to have your pipes repaired is not a fun process no matter how simple or easy it may be. Along with being a clean and quick pipe repair process, CIPP also lasts longer than traditional repair methods. This means that your pipelines are stronger, durable, and longer lasting after having CIPP done. Not having to repair your pipelines for over 50 years is beneficially to your wallet and your pipes.

CIPP in Texas is a common occurrence because it eliminates the need for destructive repair, is an overall quicker process, and lasts longer than traditional pipe repair methods. Don’t stress about having your pipelines repair in Texas. Next time you need your pipes repaired with no hassle, contact Dallas CIPP. For your local CIPP needs, check out Dallas CIPP.