February 19, 2018

Differences Between Pipelining in a Big City versus a Small-Town

Not all pipelining jobs are equal. Dallas pipelining is going to have different priorities and problems than pipelining in a small town. Contracting with a company familiar with the complexity of urban lateral lines, or familiar with small-town ordinances, can be the difference between a smooth installation and a headache. 

Big Cities Need Fastest Speeds Possible

One of the main advantages of pipelining over other forms of pipe repair or replacement is how fast it is. Instead of spending a week putting in a new pipe, you can cut the time to three days–and occasionally, less. Dallas pipelining is a streamlined affair that takes far less time than traditional pipe replacement. In the big city, time is of the essence. A business can’t afford to be without a pipe for long. Any construction work is on a tight schedule so that it doesn’t drag out too long. 

 Complexity of Cross Sections

Pipes branch out under the surface of the ground in any area. They carry a lot of things. Some pipes bring fresh water into the building, some carry sewage and waste away. Still, others carry natural gas or optical fibers for networks. Under the grass and sidewalk, there’s a lot more going on than it appears. 

Dallas pipelining has to deal with the complexity of more lateral pipes. This means more cross connections have to be cut into the lined pipe and then attached. Small-town pipes are complicated, but they’re not common. However, a complex small-town pipe is a common problem for Dallas pipelining. 


On average, small towns have more ordinances than large places. Dallas pipelining has to follow the rules of Dallas, like all construction companies do. When you work in small towns, you have to be able to keep track of different ordinances for different areas. While not every town has laws and ordinances that directly affect pipelining, many still do. Experience in a small town is essential; unlike the large cities, you may stumble across some city line and find yourself playing by different rules if you’re not careful. On the other hand, Dallas goes on almost forever. Teams could work for a year and rarely leave Dallas. 

Dallas pipelining and pipelining in a small town are different scenarios. Each requires a specialized knowledge. While Dallas pipelining prioritizes speed and connecting the laterals quickly and easily, small towns require teams to know more ordinances and where the community lines are drawn. You need an experienced pipelining company to help you. Contact Dallas CIPP today.