March 27, 2018

How to Choose a CIPP Contractor?

Choosing a CIPP contractor can be difficult. As these services are slowly becoming more common, there can be fierce competition between firms. This is what to look for in the right CIPP contractor. Choose the right firm and get the job done! 

Professional Experience

CIPP is a broad field. There are a lot of uses for cured in place pipes. Before you hire a CIPP contractor to do your job, make sure they have experience in your particular field. Repairing a cracked sewer line is different from using a drill bit to install a larger pipe in an older slot. The specifics of your job matters, so be as specific as you can during the estimate phase. Have they handled anything like this before?

We diversify. From CIPP lining replacement to hydro excavation, we take pride in the diversity of our services. Our trained technicians are up to any challenge, and we’ve done it all before. 

Look at Customer Service

Poor customer service is always a dealbreaker. There isn’t a product or service in the world that’s good enough to justify a poor customer service experience. If they don’t give you the time of day before they take your project, you won’t be a priority after they have your business either. 

You want to find a CIPP contractor with excellent customer service. This includes being able to easily get in contact with them. A 24/7 service line is the best assurance that if anything goes wrong, your CIPP contractor will be there. We’re happy to have a 24/7 service line for our customers. Whenever you need to reach us, you can be sure that someone will be available to take your call. 

Technology Matters

As CIPP becomes more common, it also advances technologically. There’s no reason to use last decade’s methods on this year’s problems. Choose a CIPP contractor who is proactive about accessing the latest technological advances. While the basics of CIPP have remained the same, other aspects of the job have evolved.

We take pride in training our staff to use modern, high end equipment. This allows us to keep our costs lower than competitors. We can send a small team of highly trained professionals out, rather than having to send out a larger number of people. We can pass the labor savings on to you. You get top quality work with the best tech, and we get to remain the best CIPP contractor service around. 

When you choose a CIPP contractor, focus on customer service and technology. CIPP is still evolving, and we’re growing with it. Reach out 24/7 to get in contact with our trained staff. We’re happy to do your project right.