May 29, 2018

Why Do Companies Choose Commercial CIPP?

When it comes to fixing commercial pipelines, there are many options to choose from.  CIPP, however, is one of the fastest growing solutions for fixing commercial pipes. Since CIPP uses Perma-liner coating and air pressure, commercial pipe companies can repair a damaged pipe without excavating the pipe.  Best of all, CIPP is the fastest and most affordable fix for commercial pipes. The vast amount of benefits that come with CIPP have led to why commercial companies opt for trenchless technology when it comes to fixing commercial pipes.

Saves Money

All companies that choose CIPP for fixing commercial pipes know the financial savings both in the short and long term. The streamlined installation process that CIPP uses allows companies to save money due to the speed of the trenchless technology. Commercial companies can who choose trenchless technology for fixing commercial pipes can save hundreds by not having to fix the landscaping and pay for labor for digging.

Efficient Process

CIPP has a more efficient process for fixing commercial pipes. A liquid-based line cures inside of pipes, which forms a new, solid wall coating that will last for years. Since there is no digging, the process only takes a few hours instead of a few days.  The reduction in labor saves companies overhead costs for labor.  Companies who choose CIPP for fixing commercial pipes enjoy the benefit of quick fix that will last for a long time.

Fixes Any Kind of Commercial Pipe Damage

Since there CIPP coats the inner walls of your pipe, the kind of pipe does not matter. A pipe specialist does not have to make sure the new pipe matches the old one. Therefore, CIPP can fix any type of pipe damage. Some of the common repairs are:

  • Deterioration with age
  • Root or plant intrusion
  • Cracking and fracturing
  • Corrosion
  • Damage from faulty installation

Safest Repair Method

When it comes to fixing commercial pipes, CIPP is the safest method. Since CIPP is a trenchless technology, it eliminates the need for digging, which is a common risk associated with the traditional pipe repair. The whole CIPP process is completed underground, leaving little to no risk to both workers and employees.

Repairs Last for Decades

Fixing commercial pipes with CIPP allows the repairs to last for decades. The liquid, Perma-liner solutions can withstand the breaking of pipes and are more structurally sound than other types of pipe repairs.  There are no joints or connectors used to fix pipes. Therefore, companies do not have to worry about these breaking in a few years.

Choose CIPP Today

When it comes to fixing commercial pipes, CIPP is the best solutions. Companies choose CIPP over other pipe repairs due to the many benefits. If your company has a pipe that needs repairing, CIPP should be your repair of choice. Call the experts at Industrial CIPP to have your pipes repaired. We specialize in CIPP pipe repair so you will get the best results. Call us today at 847-249-0028.