April 23, 2018

Benefits of Relining Pipes

Relining pipes is a great way fix a variety of problems quickly. You can extend the life of your pipes by a large margin. Because CIPP relining is considered trenchless technology, it minimizes the need for digging. As a result, it also lowers the cost of labor. Relining pipes is a great way to get the best from your property now and in the future.

No Trenches

Relining pipes is often called trenchless pipe repair. You don’t have to dig up an entire pipeline to fix your problems. Technicians need to only dig an access point at each end of the segment you want to reline. This really cuts down on the amount of labor you need. Lower labor costs can provide savings when you’re relining pipes as opposed to more traditional methods of pipe repair.

Solve All Problems at Once

Relining pipes can solve a myriad of problems with one fell swoop. First of all, you don’t have to go through and replace your pipe section by section. It doesn’t matter if one part of your pipe is cracking while another part has a different issue. Relining your pipes will solve all of these issues at once. The new pipe will be free of cracks and other problems. Actually, CIPP pipe relining strengthens your pipes and helps them last longer.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about solving one problem then having another one pop up soon. When one thing starts to go in your pipes, they all start to go. Nip future repairs in the bud by relining pipes instead of fixing them section by section.

Quick Fix

Relining pipes is a quick process when compared to other methods of pipe repair. It can take as little as three days to get a new, cured in place pipe liner into your system. It will be connected and ready to go. This is one of the few times in construction that the faster option is also the better one.

Relined Pipes have a 30 Year Lifespan

The final benefit to relining pipes is how long you can expect to go without a problem. Relined pipes have a thirty-year expected lifespan. Taking action now could prevent issues with your pipes for decades to come. This is a great investment for commercial property owners. With pipes that are sure to last longer, you can focus on other issues.

Relining pipes is a great way to fix a variety of pipeline issues. You can fix a pipe with one step, and avoid waiting for each segment to break down. Relined pipes last for decades, allowing you to reap an ample return on your investment. Best of all the process is quick and creates less mess. Contact us today to discuss your pipe relining needs.