November 20, 2019

How Long Does CIPP Take?

CIPP is one of the most technologically advanced pipe repair methods available. Instead of large-scale excavations that can take weeks or months to complete, CIPP can be done much faster. It avoids business closures, traffic disruptions, and other obstacles to local economies. For the best pipe repair, Dallas CIPP is a trusted provider of plumbing system inspection and maintenance.

When pipe repair is necessary, property owners want to know about timelines. They’re understandably anxious about how long they might have to close store doors or shut down an office space. Lost productivity is something every business tries diligently to avoid. Luckily, CIPP is one of the fastest pipe repair options on the market. Here are some general timeline expectations that contribute to how long CIPP takes to complete.

Finding the Pipe Damage

Locating pipe damage and corrosion is the first component of CIPP work. Dallas CIPP teams use high-end televising equipment to scope into pipes and locate leaks, breaks, and other issues. Even though the equipment is state-of-the-art, it can take time to find plumbing problems depending on how large a pipe system is. Locating the pipe problems usually takes a few hours with the eye of a trained technician.

The Size of the Excavation

Depending on where the pipe repair is located, it may require excavation to complete the repair. Thankfully, CIPP doesn’t require extensive excavation because no pipe needs to be removed from the ground. There may be some conditions that require minimal digging, but it shouldn’t add a lot of time to any CIPP repair. Dallas CIPP does its best to prevent any excavation on CIPP projects.

Dallas CIPP and the Molding Process

The molding process is the biggest consideration for how long CIPP takes. The resin that’s pushed against the walls of the damaged pipe takes time. Depending on the pipe size and amount of resin required, it can take one to thirty hours to harden and form a new pipe within a pipe. A Dallas CIPP technician will be onsite and can estimate how long each pipe repair will take.

CIPP is one of the fastest, most reliable forms of pipe repair available. Dallas CIPP has been working with commercial property owners for years to make sure their plumbing systems are in good order so business can move forward. If you have any questions about CIPP and how it can help your pipes, contact us today.