October 23, 2019

How Much Does CIPP Typically Cost?

Businesses and commercial property owners around Texas are turning to no-dig pipe repair to keep pipe systems in top shape. No-dig repairs, like cured in place piping (CIPP), have been a blessing for businesses because they can get leaks and burst pipes repaired in short order. New repair technology lets technicians find leaks and get issues resolved to keep businesses open and running. Gone are the long-term frustrating pipe repair projects that shut down productivity. But how much does CIPP pipe repair cost? Is it an affordable solution for most property owners? Let’s take a look at what’s involved in CIPP pricing.

Primary Inspection

Before a price can be quoted on a pipe repair project, technicians will need to conduct a full scope investigation. They’ll need to examine the leak or blockage that is affecting your pipe systems to see if CIPP is viable and how much damage there is.

There are other benefits of having an inspection done. Even though their primary concern will be the issue at hand, experienced technicians can also spot future concerns with erosion and pipe system breakdown. It’s a good idea to have an inspection done annually.

The Price Quote for CIPP Pipe Repair

In general, CIPP pipe repair costs anywhere from $80-$250 per square foot of repaired pipe. The wide price range depends on how deep the pipe is beneath the ground, how difficult it is to get the lining in place to replace the damaged pipe, and how much labor is involved. This is compared to around $50-$250 for traditional excavation pipe repair.

CIPP costs marginally more than traditional pipe repair because advanced tools are involved. However, the longer a job goes, the more costs come in line with traditional pipe repair. Further, if roads, sidewalks, and shop floors need to be replaced because of digging, then CIPP immediately becomes the cheaper option.

Other Benefits to Weigh

One of the best benefits of CIPP pipe repair is that even though it costs a bit more, work gets done faster with less disruption. Floors and pavement don’t need to be ripped up and replaced. Businesses can stay open and keep earning money while repairs happen. There is more than just the final tally of the repair job to consider.

Dallas CIPP is a leader in CIPP technology in Texas, helping businesses with pipe system repair and maintenance. If you have questions about CIPP pipe repair, contact us today.