September 18, 2019

Preventative Pipe Maintenance for the Long Term

Don’t make your first call to a pipe repair company after a disaster has happened. When it comes to fixing pipes, Dallas, TX, has great options so businesses can plan ahead. Indeed, scheduling inspections and preventative maintenance can extend the lifespan of pipes and save thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs. Preventative maintenance also takes the sting and stress out of having to deal with burst pipes spewing water – or worse, sewage – all over your building. Here are some tips about how preventative maintenance can help with fixing pipes in Dallas, TX.

Regular Checkups Spot Problems Early

Burst pipes happen when things are left alone too long. Small problems suddenly become much worse. For fixing pipes, Dallas, TX, repair companies suggest regular inspections. Technicians go over pipe systems thoroughly, looking for any potential issues. Fixing small problems early helps avoid having to tear up concrete, floors, or landscaping in an emergency fix. Usually, the preventative maintenance can be done in a day with little disruption to daily life. An annual inspection is recommended. Getting it done any time of year is fine, because Dallas typically doesn’t have huge swings in temperature that can freeze pipes.

Fixing Pipes in Dallas, TX with High-Tech Repair

Preventative maintenance is made easier with modern pipe repair technology. When technicians use no-dig technology fixing pipes, Dallas, TX, customers know it will be done quickly and correctly. Cameras can be used to scope pipes for any leaks or erosion without large extractions. Repair crews can give you a full report of what shape your pipes are in and what needs to be done to keep them working well. They’ll be able to give you a projected schedule of repairs to maintain good working order.

Even if technicians spot problems during preventative maintenance, the no-dig technologies enable them to perform a quick fix to prevent issues from ballooning. It saves customers time and money because no property gets damaged.

Dallas CIPP is the preferred service for customers fixing pipes in Dallas, TX. We’ve helped the community keep their pipes in great shape and offer the best value in the area. Our technicians have the training and experience to handle any pipe repair, large or small. For questions about pipes, or to ask about scheduling preventative maintenance for your business, contact our team today.