March 18, 2020

2020 Developments in No-Dig Pipe Repair

There have been some pretty significant changes in how commercial plumbing repairs happen over the last several years. As 2020 moves forward, there is a lot more movement towards pipe repairs that don’t involve digging. As you’ll see in today’s post, no-dig pipe repair can save time, energy, and money. Let’s take a look at two of the biggest developments that you’ll see in the Dallas, Texas community: CIPP and UV CIPP.

What is CIPP?

Cured-in-Place Piping (or CIPP) is a no-dig pipe repair process that allows pipe repairs to happen quickly, safely, and much cheaper. When repairs happen quickly, it ensures that your commercial business space is not inconvenienced by being closed. When repairs are completed safely, there’s no added risk to your employees, customers, or the community. CIPP repairs are cheaper because there is no digging. Digging can be very expensive, considering how much prep work has to be done. Digging requires closing your commercial space for a time, and that costs you money.

What is UV CIPP?

Ultraviolet Cured-in-Place Piping (or UV CIPP) is the latest development in the no-dig pipe repair process. Compared to traditional CIPP, UV CIPP is an even faster method to consider. Unlike CIPP, UV CIPP uses the speed of light to cure the pipe. Using the speed of light takes less time than utilizing steam, water, or waiting for pipes to cure in room-temperature spaces. Instead of spending hours curing, this new method cures pipes at a rate of 7 meters in 7 minutes.

Additionally, UV CIPP allows Dallas-area pipe professionals to get the work done more safely. This is possible because automated machines can be used to complete work inside pipes. Automation also prevents plumbing professionals from accidental injuries or exposure to chemicals during the repair process.

When You’re Ready to Have No-Dig Pipe Repair Done in Dallas, Check Our Resources

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