April 16, 2020

What are the Costs of a Commercial Pipe Leak?

Commercial pipe leaks are expensive. Many business owners are unknowingly losing money because of faulty piping. While it might not be noticeable at first, commercial property owners will eventually feel the added cost. This is especially true once the source of the leak has been found. Let’s take a look at the hidden costs of a commercial pipe leak and how fixing them quickly can improve your business use.

Fixing A Commercial Pipe Leak Takes Time

If a member of your team has found or suspects a leak, it’s critical to find the right professionals to correct the problem. What makes commercial pipes unique is the fact that no two systems are the same. Having a trained plumber explore every inch of pipe in your facility will take time and energy. As a commercial property owner, time is money.

Commercial Pipe Leaks Cost Money

Once a leak has been found, a repair plan can be put into motion, but each pipe will cost a little more or a little less. According to the American Water Works Association, different leaks will involve different amounts of wasted water. A 1/32 inch leak will lose 170 gallons of water every day, while a 1/16 inch leak will lose 970 gallons, and a 1/8 inch leak will cost 3600 gallons. If you add up those losses on a monthly basis, your business could be losing a few thousand dollars from your bottom line.

A Commercial Pipe Leak Leads to Other Damages

While it might take a bit longer to find the source of a commercial pipe leak than it would take to find one in a home, other damages may appear. If you notice wet floors, standing water, and other scary side effects, that could be a clue to the location of the leak. Standing water in any part of your commercial space can lead to mold, mildew, and cause health problems for employees and customers alike.

In Need of Commercial Leak Repairs? Check Out Dallas CIPP

Now that you have a better understanding of what a commercial leak can cost your business, it’s time to find the right experts to address the damage before it’s too late. Dallas CIPP is a go-to resource to learn more about commercial plumbing and the cured-in-place plumbing process that’s becoming industry standard. We work hard to connect commercial property owners with the best commercial plumbing contractors to make repairs easy. Don’t delay–contact us today.