October 21, 2021

What Property Managers Need to Know About CIPP

Property managers have a lot of responsibility. Depending on the structure and its use, managers need to multi-task to ensure that occupants are safe, that the facilities work, and that the needed provisions are met when something breaks down. Among those responsibilities is the task of scheduling commercial pipe repair and maintenance. And with all these other responsibilities, a property manager needs to know who to contact, how long and how expensive the procedure will be, and whether or not the solution will hold in the coming years.

A CIPP contractor will greatly benefit property managers who oversee school buildings, courthouses, apartments, and any other substantial gathering places. Obviously, how well a sewer system operates is crucial to providing for occupants in many ways. So it stands to reason that whenever a pipeline is backed up or leaking profusely, immediate repairs are needed.

CIPP, which is cured-in-place pipe repair, is a relatively new but proven tactic that can be used to address even the worst types of commercial pipe failures. Both large and small diameter pipes can be replaced or fixed on the spot thanks to this innovation. Such versatility is just one reason Dallas CIPP works hard to make CIPP a household name in the industry.

How CIPP Repair Works

CIPP is implemented through utility hole covers or smaller entry points. Our contractors use the slip-lining process to fasten pipe sections together. The liner itself is made of durable fabric, which is then bonded to the pipe interior with a special resin mixture. The result is a strong, joint-less pipe section that can withstand years of usage.

Once the liner is set, the contractor uses the proper elements, such as heat or ultraviolet light, to help set the pipe in-place. This exposure quickly cures the liner, cementing it to the pipe’s interior where it will stay for years to come. Property managers will appreciate knowing that the CIPP resin bonding procedure typically takes less than 24 hours to finish. This stops long delays and shutdowns from ever happening.

How CIPP is Thorough

CIPP is a thorough process that avoids leaving messes or other problems behind. For example, when a pipe is burst and removed, the process allows a complete clean-up of the old pipe’s fragments. With pipe repair, a clean workspace is necessary to do the work without creating more work, so to speak.

Traditional pipe replacement methods often caused surrounding pipes to loosen. Likewise, sections of walls and flooring would need to be removed, which ultimately complicates the entire process. As a result, human error happens. With cured-in-place tactics, the contractor will leave your commercial property in better shape than they found it. With CIPP, you can open and reinstate any sewer service lateral connections sooner than later.

Team Up with Dallas CIPP

Property managers need to know that when they team up with Dallas CIPP, their pipes will be in good hands. Our team has the experience to go with the innovation, resulting in jobs that go by faster but also last longer. Contact us today for pipe work estimates if you are in charge of a commercial pipe system.