November 24, 2021

Why Traditional Pipe Replacement is NOT the Answer

commercial pipe laying

Pipe replacement takes real effort and skill – not to mention the application of evolved techniques and approaches for specific piping problems. For example, minor pipe clogs can be corrected using over-the-counter chemicals, but for major clogs, there needs to be a bit more effort. For one thing, the reason for the clog can withstand these storebought products, often meaning little to no help in the matter.

In some respects, traditional pipe repair is as ineffective for major pipe issues as a bottle of Drano. Traditional methods are un-evolved, un-thorough, and not cost-effective.

Pipe Replacement Evolved

Traditional pipe repairs have not improved much through the years. One reason for this is due to the lack of organization. Over time, some methods for fixing leaks improved, but there was little chance of bringing these concepts together or ironing out the less-successful elements. Different contractors had their own special approaches, but there was no designated way to approach vertical pipes that might be difficult to reach.

However, CIPP pipe replacement is designed to be efficient for any common pipe problems. As the premiere approach to pipe repairs and maintenance, our contractors can apply specific tactics to particular problems. For example, when it comes to repairing vertical pipes, CIPP is applied through minor entry points in the structure. Slip-lining fabrics can be positioned where they need to be to seal pipes, ultimately reinforcing the system and providing a better flow. These methods are modern, but they last – as a classic should.

Thorough Pipe Replacement Methods with CIPP

Traditional pipe repairs were often used as a temporary fix, even when this was not the desired result. Hardships are a common issue when there is no real “blueprint” to go by. Without a thorough approach, repair jobs can become unpredictable.

Designed by the best engineers in the industry, cured-in-place pipe repair stops jobs from becoming unpredictable. Thanks to innovative video inspections, CIPP contractors can move replacement sections in and out of small spaces. By taking footage of pipe interiors and the damages, our specialists can proceed and finish the job completely.

Cost-Effective Pipe Repairs

When it comes to commercial pipe repairs, the cost of a job is always a big factor. Property managers cannot ignore the fact that hiring a specialist can be a costly deal. This is especially the case when traditional methods are used. Cost-effective pipe replacement is a high-quality answer to expensive traditional repairs. You can avoid dropping funds on unforeseen troubles, such as ditch digging.

Dallas CIPP’s Pipe Plans for Commercial Systems

CIPP is a proven solution to pipe replacement problems. Dallas CIPP can provide you with the best response to major commercial pipe issues, including but not limited to hard-to-dislodge clogs, brittle older pipe sections, and even undiagnosed issues. Once we determine what the situation is, our crew can bring the tools and the experience to stop pipe problems before they escalate. Contact us today if you have a local Dallas commercial property. We can put you on the right track.