February 25, 2021

Three Reasons to Use CIPP for Sewer Repairs

relining pipes

Is there anything more frustrating than needing commercial sewer repair? A slow or broken sewer can interrupt business, disrupt your customers, and make work nearly impossible. And then there’s the repair process, which is long, noisy, and stressful. The sewer repair process can slow down your business, which may mean a lot of lost revenue. But what if you didn’t use the traditional repair method? CIPP sewer repair is an alternative repair option that takes the stress out of regular sewer repair. Are you considering CIPP? Then here are three reasons that CIPP makes the best choice. 

CIPP Sewer Repair Involves No Property Destruction 

To repair a sewer, you have to reach the sewer. For most sewer repair companies, that means digging, and digging means property damage. If you’re lucky, your repair company will only have to dig through grass and dirt, but that depends on the location of the broken sewer pipe. The repair crew may have to remove concrete, flowers, shrubbery, and more. 

CIPP sewer repair, on the other hand, doesn’t require digging. CIPP is short for “cured-in-place pipelining.” It involves a thin, flexible tube coated in resin. A CIPP specialist can insert the tube into the broken sewer pipe. As the resin dries, the CIPP pipe adheres to the broken pipe, blocking out any cracks, holes, and other issues. The CIPP pipe can be inserted through an existing access point, which means no digging and no property destruction. 

Limited Noise With CIPP Sewer Repair 

Regular sewer repair comes with a lot of noise. Between the digging and the repair process itself, all of that noise can disrupt business. This disruption can get especially tough if you run a business such as a bookstore or a hotel, where customers expect some level of peace and quiet. In contrast, CIPP repair is quiet. The minimal amount of noise shouldn’t disrupt your work or your clients. 

Get Back to Business Faster 

If time is money, then sewer repair can cause big losses. The traditional route can take weeks or even months. Meanwhile, CIPP repair takes a few days at most. The longest part of the process is generally waiting for the resin to dry. If your CIPP company has an LED drying system, you could have working sewers again in just a few hours. 

Getting Started With CIPP Sewer Repair

Want to know more about CIPP sewer repair? Dallas CIPP can help. Contact us now to find out if CIPP is the right choice for your sewers. A broken sewer can cause a lot of difficulty. The repair process shouldn’t add to that difficulty. Let us help you make things easier.