March 18, 2021

Why CIPP Is Spreading Across Texas

Word of mouth says that Texas CIPP repair jobs require little to no excavation. If you’ve heard about cured-in-place pipe repair, you know that this “trenchless technology” allows repairs to occur in a less disruptive way onsite.

You might be worried about how you’ll be able to afford a complete overhaul. With cured-in-place pipe repair, that will not be necessary. For repairs and replacements, Texas CIPP repair uses seamless technology to improve a sewer system’s function. 

A Completed Job that Stays that Way

Inserted pipe liners and new sections will increase flow capacity for your commercial properties, especially if that system hasn’t seen maintenance in a long time. Additionally, this kind of repair method lasts longer than traditional pipe repair methods but takes less time to complete. CIPP repair is designed to safeguard against future problems. 

When pipe repairs are performed by traditional digging methods, it takes several days of hard labor, time to repair the pipe, and time and money to replace the property damage.

Trenchless digging is a thorough way to strengthen your pipeline system without starting from scratch. CIPP is usually performed from an upstream utility hole or access point, which stops costly excavations from being necessary. Construction managers can benefit greatly from such methods. When it comes to standard repairs, existing pipelines can become structurally unsound, but here, that won’t be a concern.

No Safety Risks with Texas CIPP

Texas CIPP repair can eliminate the threat of asbestos, mold exposure, and exposure to other potentially harmful natural elements. Since the work can be done where the pipes sit, employees and technicians performing the job won’t be exposed to harmful situations. Low-risk repairs are essential for sewer, gas, and chemical pipelines, and CIPP repair keeps the damage at a minimum.

Using CIPP repair methods, contractors can expertly cure resin and form tight-fitting, joint-less, and corrosion-resistant replacement pipes. CIPP methods include the use of hot water, UV light, or steam—all tools to fix a pipe breakdown scenario, no matter how helpless things look. Most of this can be accomplished without going underneath the surface.

Texas CIPP for Any Piping System

CIPP repair is a versatile process. In fact, it’s compatible with any type of pipe that your commercial property uses. As a result, a wide range of situations can be addressed. Cured-in-place pipe repair lets contractors rehabilitate pipes that are suffering from age deterioration, cracked or fractured sections, and corrosion. 

Even natural invasions, like root or plant intrusion, can be dealt with on the spot – no digging equipment needed. Any debris can be fished out without much hassle. By using video inspections, your pipes will be 100% clean once the job is done.

Ultimately, partnering with CIPP in Dallas gives you access to quality pipe repair and realignment. Trenchless pipe repair offers a safer, greener, and more economical alternative to traditional repairing methods. The results can last over 50 years, which is a good indication of why word of mouth is so positive.

With cured-in-place pipe repair, contractors can address any commercial, industrial, or municipal sewer system in the Dallas area, so do not hesitate to contact us for the solution to your pipeline woes.