January 18, 2022

Pipe Replacement for Obscured Locations

Pipe replacement, depending on the system’s placement, can go one of two ways. For underground piping situations, there is a level of routine. In some cases, the contractor can work without too many obstacles, especially when CIPP is used. CIPP, otherwise known as cured-in-place pipe repair, is an innovative technique benefiting commercial property owners across the state. CIPP quickens the process, even when there are obstacles. An obscured location poses problems, but most of them have a solution.

Pipe Replacement Obstacles

For contractors, there will always be an expected amount of hurdles. In fact, those obstacles hinge on two words: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal piping poses its layout problems here and there, but vertical piping is often obscured by walls. Outside these walls are appliances, heavy furniture, and other items that require physical movement before the work begins.

After all, in order for a pipe replacement job to begin, the contractor must clear the area of objects. Then, they have to deal with the drywall or paneling if the attic or crawlspace does not allow the needed access.

How CIPP Overcomes Obstacles

With CIPP tactics, the contractor can create access points. For many pipe repair jobs, access points are the make-or-break of the task. Swapping out pipe sections takes finesse, especially in tight spaces. Cured-in-place pipe contractors can implode damaged sections while drawing in the new part. This process is done with remote tools, meaning the access points never need to become “scars” on the property itself.

Pipe replacement with CIPP overcomes obstacles thanks to years of fine-tuning the process. Dallas CIPP uses the “trenchless” method as an effective solution to armor up pipelines without having to start over. CIPP is typically performed from an upstream utility hole or access point, which eliminates the necessity of costly excavations. Such methods are highly beneficial to construction managers. Standard repairs can cause existing pipelines to become structurally unsound, but with cured-in-place work that will not be an issue.

Pipe Repairs, No Matter the Location

Traditionally, pipe repairs for commercial property could easily be diverted to unexpected issues. Working on pipes can be a delicate matter. In some cases, the surrounding pipes can come loose while a swap is attempted, especially if the system is a few years old. For many commercial properties, these systems suffer from wear and tear over the years. A sewer system’s function can be improved significantly with the slip-lined, seamless technology used by our contractors. You will be able to increase flow capacity for your commercial properties with the installation of new sections and pipe liners, especially if the people in charge have not maintained that system for a long period.

Dallas CIPP can work around any location, no matter how obscured the pipes are by the surrounding structure. Our contractors are experienced with the piping systems across Texas. For the best pipe replacement services, do not hesitate to contact us.