December 12, 2023

CIPP is the Best Solution for Commercial Pipe Repair


Repairing commercial pipelines is often one of the most challenging repair needs. These pipes are typically hard to get to. Repairs can disrupt business and be expensive. Thanks to CIPP, there are reliable solutions that are so much better. Traditional repairs were invasive and costly, but cured-in-place pipe provides you with a much better alternative.

Long-Lasting Solutions

Let’s be honest. A commercial pipeline or facility can’t deal with repairs on a regular basis. They need something that will last and be reliable. When you go for a repair, it has to stick. Cured-in-place pipe has been known to last for 50+ years. It’s a long-lasting solution that you can depend on.

It can handle whatever your pipeline needs. CIPP will not degrade quickly, and it’s almost like a brand-new pipe placement. When you have aging infrastructure, you can also use cured-in-place pipe to be proactive.

Compatibility with CIPP

One of the best things about cured-in-place pipe is that it is compatible. It can be used for almost any need. This material can be placed in any pipeline that is 3 inches or larger in diameter. It can handle small- to large-diameter piping without a problem.

You will also find that cured-in-place pipe works with any pipe material. Do you have one of these?

  • Orangeburg
  • Cast iron
  • Steel
  • Corrugated metal
  • PVC
  • Clay
  • Concrete

If you have any of these materials, CIPP works. This includes the materials that are often the most difficult to repair.

No Digging to Make Repairs

Another reason cured-in-place pipe is the best is that no digging is required. Digging for commercial pipe repair means invasive excavating equipment and extensive labor time. The pipelines are hard to access and may take hours to even dig to reach. Think about the labor costs of digging alone!

With CIPP, we make repairs through a utility hole or access point instead. That means no digging is required. If we do have to dig to reach the access point, it is very minimal.

How CIPP Works

Cured-in-place pipe is easy for a trained company that knows what they are doing. We utilize a tube-like liner to make the repair. Before we insert the liner, we do a video inspection. We also flush the pipe and prep it for repair.

The first step is to insert the liner and place it appropriately. Then we allow the liner to cure until it hardens. This liner becomes like a brand-new pipe within your existing pipe. It is thin and hard, so it will not impact flow rates.

When complete, you have a long-lasting solution you can trust.

Trust CIPP for Commercial Pipe Repairs

We know what it takes to make your pipe repairs. When you need the best solution, count on something like cured-in-place pipe. It’s simple, lasting, and reliable. This is the most innovative solution for pipe repairs, and it’s a great choice.

Contact us today to discuss your pipe repair needs or projects.