November 19, 2023

Understanding the Value of CIPP on Dallas Pipelining

Dallas pipelining

Your Dallas pipelining setup could be exposed to any number of issues. Dallas has aging infrastructure, and many industrial and commercial facilities have pipelining systems buried deep beneath them. When repairs need to be made, digging is often required. You’re looking at extensive processes and downtime for even the most basic repairs.

What do you do about it? The solution is CIPP. While CIPP does have some minor limitations, it is the go-to repair method for pipelines throughout Dallas. It’s sturdy, reliable, and doesn’t require trenching.

What Is CIPP?

CIPP is cured-in-place pipe. It can repair existing pipelines. You can repair any type of pipe materials and diameters that range from 3-110 inches. This means small-, standard, and large-diameter pipes are all covered.

The material has no jeans or seams. It’s a simple liner placed into a pipeline and then adhered and cured to the existing pipe. As it cures, it hardens to provide a solid pipe material. While it hardens, it is also still very thin so it won’t disrupt your pipe flow.

Put the CIPP tube in with either a robot or an electric snake device. CIPP is made with polyester, fiberglass cloth, and other suitable materials, and coated in resin. The resin cures and adheres, creating a barrier that effectively repairs your pipeline.

The CIPP Process for Dallas Pipelining

CIPP requires very little digging. You can complete it without any digging at all. Professionals simply need a point that grants them access to the space needing repairs.

There is a specific process to inspect the pipe, make the CIPP repairs, and complete a final inspection. It works like this:

  1. Complete a video or robotic inspection
  2. Insert the CIPP tube
  3. Inflate the tube using air pressure
  4. Adhere to the existing pipe
  5. Wait for the curing process
  6. Complete a final inspection

The curing process is what takes the longest because it does require time. With infrared and UV technology, we greatly reduce the time it takes.

The Benefits of CIPP

When you compare cured-in-place pipe to other repair technologies, you find it is superior in many ways. It’s a reliable practice that will last for many years to come. CIPP is not just a quick fix that puts a bandage on your problem. It’s a long-term fix that can last for 50+ years when done correctly.

Your biggest advantage is the ability to make long-lasting repairs without having to dig. There are a few other benefits, too:

  • Works with any pipe materials
  • Talk about fast work!
  • No digging required
  • Long-lasting repair
  • Works for nearly any repair need
  • Reliable solution

Take Control of Your Pipeline Repairs with CIPP

Forget trying to figure out how to complete your Dallas pipelining without losing tons of money. Focus on the simplicity of CIPP, and see what it can do for you. This type of repair should be the top solution for all commercial and industrial repairs. With few limitations and plenty of credibility, it’s a good option.

Contact us today to start planning your pipeline repairs.