May 9, 2023

The Most Common Pipe Repairs of Dallas with CIPP

Dallas CIPP

The utilization of Dallas CIPP is focused specifically on creating simple fixes to many bigger problems with pipeline systems, usually in commercial systems. The very idea of CIPP repair is to be able to make a fix without having to dig.

Curious about the most common types of pipe repairs made with CIPP? Check out more below!

Failing Pipelines

In commercial and industrial infrastructures, it’s common for repairs to only be made when they absolutely have to be. All too often, that means waiting for the pipelining in place to start malfunctioning. The downside is a failing system that requires action right now. And it can be a costly fix if there is digging involved. But thanks to CIPP, you can make fixes on a failing system without digging to do so.

The CIPP liner is placed and the system that was failing is in working order again with no digging and far less downtime. It’s also more affordable.

Cracks in the System

Cracks in any pipelining system cause a major issue. The first of those issues is waste of resources. But it can also cause your pipelining system to not be efficient and could lead to leaks that cause other problems. Plus there are the potential hazards of a cracked system. If those cracks aren’t repaired, eventually the problem will get far worse.

Thanks to CIPP, you can repair the cracks with ease. And you don’t have to worry about digging or full replacement. In fact, CIPP liners provide a repair that is just as good as replacing the entire pipeline or the area with a crack. CIPP liners can last for more than 50 years.

Leaking Pipes

Leaks are one of the most common problems in commercial pipelining systems. No matter what the pipes are used for, if they are leaking, they are costing money. Again, just as with cracked and failing systems, it’s hard to make repairs. But those repairs just got so much easier thanks to CIPP solutions.

The CIPP liner is extremely thin. The professional places it into the tube and then cures it appropriately. Since the liner is thin, it adheres without causing any type of disruption within the system. The result is a fixed leak, crack, or other issue and a system that gets to work without any type of blockage from the liner.

Understanding the Process

When you choose CIPP for your no-dig solutions, it’s a simple process. You start by hiring someone like us who knows how to use CIPP and how to get the best results. The first step will be to determine exactly what the issue is and resolve that. If there are clogs, buildup, tree roots, or any other issues, these will need to be taken care of.

If the pipelining system is ready for repairs, the CIPP liner can handle pipes anywhere 6-54 inches in diameter. The specialized systems are placed using the equipment for the task. Then, a curing process adheres the liner to the pipe effectively. In most cases, you’re only down a few hours.

Let Dallas CIPP Help with Your Pipe Repair Needs

Whether you need pipe repairs or just want to be proactive in preventing pipelining issues, we’ve got you covered. Dallas CIPP has been offering CIPP solutions for many years, and we pride ourselves on using the latest and greatest processes and equipment. Contact us today to discuss your pipelining needs.