June 9, 2023

Top Tips for Fixing Pipes in Dallas, TX 


Fixing pipes in Dallas, TX, can be challenging for property owners. Residential, commercial, and industrial properties need these pipelines to transport water, waste, and chemicals. As a result, even a small window of inactivity can cause enormous damage.

Luckily, cured-in-place pipe repair is available in Dallas, TX, offering a fast and efficient solution to pipe problems, 

Read on as we explore some useful tips property owners can use for managing and fixing pipes in Dallas, TX.

Find the Problem

First off, identify the specific problem you have. It could be minor, like a dripping faucet or clogged drain. Or it could be more complex, like an underground burst pipe or faulty water heater. Nonetheless, knowing the problem you face helps you determine the plan to follow.

Close the Water Supply

Second, close the water supply to the faulty area using its shut-off valve. Most homes have two shut-off valves, inside and outside, for closing indoor and outdoor water flow. 

However, some properties have several that are designated for specific areas. Either way, find and close the relevant one that controls water to the damaged area. Doing so prevents more water damage and repair disruptions.

Contact a Reputable Repair Service for Fixing Pipes in Dallas, TX

After restricting water flow to the damaged area, call a reputable service to inspect the affected area. Without training and special education, it’s impossible for you to effectively repair advanced pipe issues without risking your health and safety. 

However, you can still DIY repair clogged drains and leaky faucets to prevent more water damage and inconvenience until pipe repair technicians are available.

How to Handle Minor Plumbing Issues

Here are some steps you can use to manage minor plumbing issues before the professionals arrive:

Leaky Faucets and Pipes

One way to manage leaks and dripping faucets is by sealing them with plumber’s tape. Wrap the tape around the leaking joint until it creates a watertight seal. However, this repair is only temporary, as wear will eventually reopen the leak.

Clogged Drains:

Here’s how to unclog a drain:

  1. Dislodge the drain using a plunger.
  2. If that fails, use a drain snake to remove the debris manually.
  3. Next, carefully pour hot water down the drain to clear the sediment.

Once unclogged, get expert help to address the clog’s underlying cause. 

But if the methods above fail, it’s a sign that you’re dealing with a complex pipe issue that demands pipe repair expertise. In this case, wait until your repair contractors arrive.

Know When to Call the Professionals for Fixing Pipes in Dallas, TX

It is important to remember that most pipe issues require professional plumbers. While it’s easy to fix clogs and leaks temporarily, you should always leave complicated problems to the experts. 

At Dallas CIPP, we have a team of experts with the equipment and know-how to rehabilitate pipelines in Dallas, TX. Our experts are eager to assess your situation and return your pipes to their pre-damage state. We’re ready to help you!