July 12, 2023

Why CIPP is the Top Choice for Fixing Commercial Pipes in Dallas, TX

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Fixing commercial pipes in Dallas, TX is essential to their lifespan and function. For one thing, it ensures the control of extensive damage like flooding and sewer backups. It also helps get commercial and industrial activities back on the clock.

If you’re a property owner or manager, then you know the hassles of repairing commercial pipes. Without them, properties lose their means to transport water, waste, gas, and even chemical substances. Luckily, CIPP is empowering properties and providing a way to repair pipes without digging trenches.

Read on as we explore trenchless technology, how it works, and how experts are harnessing CIPP to fix commercial pipes in Dallas, TX.

What Are the Main Ways to Fix Commercial Pipes in Dallas, TX?

Dallas homes and offices have two primary ways of restoring their pipelines in case of disaster. Here are the two main ways of fixing commercial pipes in Dallas, TX:

  • Trenchless pipe repair: Trenchless pipe solutions are the pipe repair option that rehabilitates the damaged pipes without digging them out. It consists of many sub-techniques, but the most common method is CIPP. CIPP is a procedure that works to reline the damaged pipe sections by reinforcing them with a corrosion-free liner.
  • Trench pipe repair: Trench repair is the more traditional mode of fixing damaged pipes. It requires the expert team to dig out and replace the entire old line. So, it is more disruptive than CIPP.

Why Do Dallas Residents Choose CIPP?

Dallas residents choose CIPP because it cuts costs, finishes on time, and protects the environment. 

For one thing, Texas businesses save time and money by investing in CIPP for their commercial pipes. The process is pretty straightforward, with professionals dropping by the site to perform a video camera inspection. From this assessment, the team will determine all the useful information needed for the procedure.

The team will drill a small hole in the damaged line, just enough to insert a flexible epoxy line. Then, when the liner is positioned properly, experts will inflate it with water or air pressure. After it has set, they will use ultraviolet light or heat to harden it and form a highly resistant layer to seal out the leaks.

Dallas Pipe Repair Can Fix Your Commercial Pipes

After identifying the pipe issues, your next step is to contact a professional service. At Dallas Pipe Repair, we prioritize our clients’ time and work around the clock seamlessly. We always conduct an inspection to let us create a custom plan for your project.

Dallas Pipe Repair has the know-how for fixing commercial pipes in Dallas, TX. Don’t wait for faulty pipe systems to pick your pocket. Contact us today!